Many Australians consider the finals for the Australian Football League (AFL) as the most important sporting event in the country. With the league’s hordes of fans, tickets can be quite difficult to score. Those supporters who are used to watching the game from far away and up the bleachers might now find themselves in a bind. With the recent developments, getting front-row seats might be very much worth it, especially to those who like getting up close and personal with their favourite players.

The AFL, as an exciting sport to watch wherein ball clubs are open to interacting with the fans during game days, is now looking at controlling the amount of interaction between its players and fans. Officials are quick to respond to it as a service to occupational health and safety.

Among the initiatives that the league is concerned over involves the following:

  • Lowering the power for the cannons that launch AFL merchandise, like shirts and towels, into the grandstands. The new policies claim that the devices will not be firing into seats higher than the first tier of a grandstand.
  • Banning ball clubs that use foam footballs as promotional giveaways. These footballs may be used as projectiles.
  • Threatening to warn and fine players once they toss, throw or kick a promotional football towards the grandstands in an attempt to reward the crowd with a souvenir. The league is imposing that the players go up to the boundary level and gently hand each ball to a supporter. Officials claim that a viewer could get injured, or even worse, die, in an attempt to catch an airborne football hurled towards the stands.

These concerns over safety appear contradictory to many, as the Etihad Stadium allows the staff to throw and toss around giant inflatable balls into the crowd at halftime breaks. Is it not ironic that the AFL brings so much enjoyment to their games by the interaction they provide between fans and ball clubs, and now these priceless moments will lessen because of concern over safety?

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