Moments make sports. A specific type of moment. Not those on a podium long after the games end. Not those captured by courtside photographers. Not those that send the crowd into frenzy. Definitely not those that sports shows stitch together with hindsight. Sports thrive on moments that competitors can capture.

And capture, Roberta Vinci did.

Beyond Belief

It was supposed to be the year Serena Williams would complete her first calendar Grand Slam, having already conquered the Australian Open, the French Open, and finally Wimbledon in the most confident of fashions (28-match winning streak in majors, 48-2 in all 2015 tournaments). The calendar Grand Slam was nothing short of a certainty. The U.S. Open loomed, and Williams needed to do nothing more than win two matches against two aging Italian players ranked outside the top 20.

Roberta Vinci went into Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City knowing the calibre of opponent she had to face. Unseeded and ranked 43rd in the world, Vinci stood as nothing more than a semi-final match formality — Serena Williams’ fans already had the (justifiable) tunnel vision set in.

Then came the biggest upset in tennis history.

Anyone’s Game

Vinci’s underdog victory propelled her to eighth in the world rankings, despite the subsequent U.S. Open Finals loss to her long-time friend Flavia Pennetta. Vinci now stands as one of the upcoming 2017 majors’ most important contenders, a rarity among breakout Grand Slam performers.

Come January, every tennis player’s calendar Grand Slam aspirations start anew. With next year’s Australian Open already generating buzz, The Ticket Merchant cannot wait to see what the 2017 tournament brings, not just for the established powerhouses, but for the unlikely champions as well. Moments await, and Roberta Vinci knows exactly what capturing one feels. ‘You have to always fight, be positive, and anything can happen’.

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