Track Your Own Gig History With Concert Archives

Nothing says ‘I’m into going to gigs’ more than a pinboard or box full of old ticket stubs. But what about when you want a clear out, but don’t want to forget the concerts you’ve been to? Or maybe you just want to reminisce about years gone by and the live music you’ve seen. Concert Archives is an awesome new gig database that allows you to archive every single gig you’ve ever been to and share them with your friends.

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Aussie Rules: When Did the Love for Footie First Start?

Geoffrey Blainey, the author of the Shorter History of Australia, notes that Australia was the first country to provide special attention to spectator sports — especially to Australian Rules Football. Until today, Aussies weep and cheer for our beloved football teams, and even scour the internet to get tickets for AFL Anzac Day. With such dedication to the sport, one has to wonder: when did we start falling in love with footy?

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Where Fanbases Meet: 3 Means of Support That All Fans are Familiar With

When you’re a fan of an artist or a band, there are no limits and borders for it. The only thing that matters is how their music connects with you. The same philosophy is applicable to sports. You will easily find a friend in someone rooting for the same team, regardless of age, gender and background.

But that philosophy is not the only thing that music and sports fans have in common. The means of showing support for a favourite act or team are also similar.

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So, You Just Won Meet and Greet Tickets? The Etiquette of Fan Girling

Attending the concert of your favourite artist is one thing, but getting to meet them in person is a whole new experience. Every fan dreams of meeting their idol and thousands of other fans are begging for your spot. Do not let that opportunity go to waste by unleashing your inner crazy fan girl. After all, this is your first time meeting your obsession, you should have a great first impression with them. To make it easier for you, we have compiled the proper etiquette when meeting your idol.

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Which Seat Should You Take for the Ultimate Concert Experience?

If you had it your way, you would watch your favourite singer perform while you sit right beside them. Imagine the major feels you will get when Ronan Keating serenades you with the ageless love song, ‘When You Say Nothing At All’, with him just inches from you. It is the perfect concert fantasy for the 90s kids. But, a live concert is not a daydream. It is a real, and at times rigorous event, especially when it comes to choosing seats.

It is great to plan early before you even reserve a ticket. If you are wondering which spots in the theatre will let you have the ultimate concert experience, here is your answer.

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The Truth Behind Our Obsession with Concerts

When was the last time you saw your favourite band or artist perform live? If you are a fan, perhaps you have just seen Selena Gomez earlier in August. We all have our own favourites and whether or not we admit it, we always want to experience their music right in front of the stage. We are willing to spend part of our savings for a ticket to that much-awaited concert. We endure the stress from the long ticket lines because we really love concerts!

So what is the story behind our obsession with concerts?

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