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Victorian Minister for Sport John Eren has just confirmed that Lionel Messi and Neymar are heading to Melbourne for what’s set to be the biggest International sporting event in the city this year. The “SuperClasico” between Brazil v Argentina at the MCG.

That’s right, the current world number one and two ranked national soccer teams AND arguably two of the best soccer players of all time are going head to head at the MCG right here in Melbourne – this is going to be HUGE.

Mr Eren said about the announcement: “There’s no bigger occasion in football than Brazil v Argentina, and it’s coming to Melbourne,

“These two nations are giants of the world game. This won’t just be a showstopper in Melbourne — it’s going to be viewed right around the world.”

Brazil v Argentina – the two teams have had a long history of fierce rivalry due to the popularity of soccer in both South American nations. Even so-called “friendly” matches between the two teams are often anything but friendly. Brazil and Argentina are also both immensely successful teams and have won a number of international titles between them.

Argentinian player Lionel Messi and Brazilian player Neymar are widely regarded as two of the best players of current time. They are teammates at FC Barcelona but will face against each other in the SuperClassico, nothing short of world-class soccer is to be expected.

The Brazil v Argentina Global Tour match will take place at the MCG on Friday 9th June at 8:00pm.

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