Screaming your heart out for your favourite AFL team is good for your health, several studies claimed. Some researchers looked at the effects of sports fandom to a person’s physical health while others studied its psychological impact. Many of these studies revealed positive results, claiming you’ll get healthier after cheering for your beloved football team.

Good for the Heart

In 2015, FitBit conducted a study about the effects of cheering to a person’s heart.  The researchers measured the heart rates of fans watching the Super Bowl. Their heart rates increase around 6 beats per minute in the second half, and 10 beats per minute in the heart-pounding latter part of the game. This increase in heart rate is somehow similar to what happens in a person’s heart during an exercise.

Helps Burn Calories

An average adult loses around 1,700 activity steps by sitting down on the bench to watch a football game. But since football games typically occur in large stadiums, climbing to your seat would actually help you burn about 1.5 calories every step. If you head down to the concession stand, you’ll also burn one calorie for every 20 steps.

Helps You Live Longer

Cheering for your favourite team is a good way to meet new friends. You get to interact with a group of people with the same interests as yours. If you watch a lot of games with this group regularly, you are likely to build a strong relationship with them. One study from Brigham Young University revealed that maintaining a solid social network improves a person’s chance of living longer by 50%.

With all these studies, it seems that losing your voice from cheering for your favourite football team is not bad at all. So, if you’re ready to scream your heart out for your favourite AFL team and get healthier, here at Ticket Merchant, we can give you the best seats.

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