Attending the concert of your favourite artist is one thing, but getting to meet them in person is a whole new experience. Every fan dreams of meeting their idol and thousands of other fans are begging for your spot. Do not let that opportunity go to waste by unleashing your inner crazy fan girl. After all, this is your first time meeting your obsession, you should have a great first impression with them. To make it easier for you, we have compiled the proper etiquette when meeting your idol.

1. Try to stay as calm as you can.

We know this is an extremely difficult thing to do because he is finally in front of you. You need to remember that losing yourself in front of him will get you nowhere. Yes, bursting into tears might look adorable, but in between your sobs, it will be difficult to even tell them your name. Think about it, getting to have a proper conversation with them is better than letting them watch you melt down.

2. Bring something that they can sign.

Bringing an object that they can sign is something you should never forget. You rarely get to meet them, so make the most of it. Ensure that you bring something that cannot be easily smudged. It does not matter if it is your shirt, your phone’s casing or your tickets, as long as he can sign it. Well done! You finally have a centrepiece for your idol’s shrine.

3. Tell them whatever you want.

Just because you have to hold back your tears, does not mean you have to hold back your feelings. Tell him how he inspired you to start your own band or that you did better at school. Revealing your feelings will be one of the best gifts to give yourself and the artist because not only will you feel a lot better, he will also feel your love.

You do not get to see your idol often, so you should know how to act properly in front of him without embarrassing yourself. Enjoy that moment for you will relive it over and over again.

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