Sports Fans

Are you wondering why some people cheer so passionately when their team wins or see the devastation in a fan’s face after a tough loss? Sports fans think a certain way and share an affinity with their favourite teams. Certain psychological factors affect the way fans behave and feel about their club.

Shared Experiences

Studies have shown that being a sports fan is not only healthy but enables one to form a community. You may not remember the score or who top scored in the game you watched with your dad when you were a child, but you remember the time you spent with him. This is how some people become a sports fan; they turn into one because of the bond they create with family or friends while watching a sport.

The ‘We Won’ and ‘You Lost’ Mentality

When fans purchase AFL Fremantle Dockers tickets, they are in a way affiliating themselves with the team. Fans often feel a strong connection with the team they support that they often say ‘we won’ after winning a gem, despite being just spectators. In contrast, they say ‘you lost’ if the team they support loses.

The closer a person identifies with the team, they more they are likely to bask in reflected glory. Die-hard fans also cut off reflected failure after a stunning loss. They want to distance themselves from the disgrace their team experienced.


Passionate sports fans use their team as a way to escape from life’s routines and social inhibitions. They express themselves more freely by cheering for their favourite team and lashing out at the opposing team.

These are only some of the psychological reasons behind a person’s fandom. These have positive and negative effects, but don’t let them stop you from cheering your favourite team.

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