If you had it your way, you would watch your favourite singer perform while you sit right beside them. Imagine the major feels you will get when Ronan Keating serenades you with the ageless love song, ‘When You Say Nothing At All’, with him just inches from you. It is the perfect concert fantasy for the 90s kids. But, a live concert is not a daydream. It is a real, and at times rigorous event, especially when it comes to choosing seats.

It is great to plan early before you even reserve a ticket. If you are wondering which spots in the theatre will let you have the ultimate concert experience, here is your answer.

Floor Seats

If you have more than a few extra dollars to fork out, floor seats are the ideal pick. The artists are perfectly visible from the spot, and you can have the occasional flying kisses, souvenir shirts and photo ops. For the devoted fan, they are a dream come true.

If your definition of the ultimate concert experience is getting up close and personal, floor seats are perfect. They are on the same level as the stage yet, far enough for you to see everything from where you are seated. The catch? Apart from the price, you are likely to catch the performers’ sweat drops, and your ears may get a beating from loud acoustics and screaming from other fans.

Lower Mezzanine Seats

Concert-goers who are after quality music and great acoustics will be able to have both in the lower mezzanine level. Priced at mid-range, they provide a good overall view of the stage, allowing you to see a few details. Because they are on the lower level, you will hear a better quality of sound, as music tends to blend well when it resonates to the lower part of the hall.

Whatever you take an awesome concert event as, a sure spot on the venue is how you start getting into it. The Ticket Merchant is your ticket to an amazing experience, before, during and after the concert. Reserve and buy your tickets online, and we will ship them to you for free. You can be sure to get what you pay for.

With us, seeing Ronan Keating up close will not be just a dream. Contact us for more information about our events and services.