Australian Open 2017 Tickets

The Australian Open isn’t happening any time soon, but fans are already excited for who will be the upcoming contenders next season. If you’re one of the many fans of tennis, you probably already know who will be the staples battling it out on the court.

Aussie tennis player Bernard Tomic has recently been under fire after his rather lacklustre performance against Fabio Fognini last week in Madrid. His lame ‘non-effort’ has been called out by Steve Healy as disrespect to the game, a sharp contrast to his otherwise amazing performance streak.

The question is, will we be seeing more of his lacklustre performance or is he ready to turn his game around?

Come on, Tom!

Tomic ‘The Tank Engine’ is a high-ranked Australian tennis player, just behind Nick Kyrgios in terms of popularity. No one can deny how good he is, considering his track record. He won against Ivo Karlovic back in 2014 and won against Adrian Mannarino in 2015.

So what’s with his performance lately? For those of you who don’t know, Tomic faced Fognini’s serve during match point down with a reversed racquet, without even attempting to hit it back. Tomic was trailing with 6-2, 5-4, 40-0 when he decided to hold his racquet the wrong way. He barely even moved!

He’s now under fire for disrespecting the game, with both Steve Healy and Djokovic calling him out on his lacklustre performance.

Stage Fright or Meltdown?

The 23-year-old is making progress; there’s no doubt about that. His performance and ranking is increasing, but he seems to be prone to doing things that overshadow all the good things he does.

For those of you who can remember his performance back in 2012, he was accused by John McEnroe for tanking during his final set, which he ultimately lost against Andy Roddick, earning him his rather unflattering name.

At the time, Tomic said he had stage fright – he wasn’t ready to play facing a lot of people, and nervousness got the better of him. Fans are asking: Is this what’s happening now?

Commenters are saying that it’s more on-court meltdown than just stage fright. We can’t count how many high ranking players faltered when all seemed at a loss, but it’s still inexcusable that young Tom isn’t trying his best. His actions aren’t just hurting the sport, it’s hurting his reputation as well.

Fans are still waiting to see if Tom’s going to stop tanking and go back to his old ways. Hopefully, he’ll show a better, more exciting performance next year at the Australian Open 2017.

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