The Ticket Merchant

Nothing says ‘I’m into going to gigs’ more than a pinboard or box full of old ticket stubs. But what about when you want a clear out, but don’t want to forget the concerts you’ve been to? Or maybe you just want to reminisce about years gone by and the live music you’ve seen. Concert Archives is an awesome new gig database that allows you to archive every single gig you’ve ever been to and share them with your friends.

The website allows you to enter details on the gigs you have attended; the artist/bands name, date and venue and even the friends who came with you. You can then build your list, mapping out your own personal gig history.

Admittedly, it’s quite difficult to remember details about every gig you’ve ever been to, but Concert Archives has a handy search engine to help you find more specific information. Once you’ve found the event you are looking for, you can view set-lists and images from the concert and connect with people who also attended.

Concert Archives opens up a whole new load of possibilities to reconnect with other people who shared the same moments and to rekindle your love for a particular band or to remember that time you crowd surfed at Metallica or fell in love at The Cure.

We think it’s a brilliant idea and whether you’ve seen Pink, The Killers or a local band you think are great, give it a go and let us know – how many concerts have you been to?