When was the last time you saw your favourite band or artist perform live? If you are a fan, perhaps you have just seen Selena Gomez earlier in August. We all have our own favourites and whether or not we admit it, we always want to experience their music right in front of the stage. We are willing to spend part of our savings for a ticket to that much-awaited concert. We endure the stress from the long ticket lines because we really love concerts!

So what is the story behind our obsession with concerts?

It is a Fanboy/Fangirl’s Dream

Whilst some people would see buying concert tickets as a waste of money, only avid fans would understand one another. For them, watching their idols perform live is a dream come true. Sometimes, it takes months or years before a planned concert actually happens, but they patiently wait for it. Hearing your favourite song live gives you a different kind of feeling (happiness) that you probably cannot get from anything else.

Hype Makes a Difference

Let’s face it; the media contributes a lot to the hype. We feel the excitement when we see the striking advertisement in print, online and on the television. It simply makes us want the days to go fast. We hope that when we wake up the next morning, it is already the big day. The promoters’ strategic marketing works because we look forward to new announcements or updates every day.

It Makes Us Proud

Being able to attend a concert makes us proud, not just because we managed to buy a ticket, but also because we fulfilled our dream of seeing our favourite musicians in person, not to mention watching them play the songs you love – live.

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