100% Guarantee

The Ticket Merchant guarantees that:

» Your ticket will be as described on the website;
» You will get the tickets you purchased in time for the event;
» Your ticket will gain you entry into the event;

or (in the very unusual circumstances that your ticket is not received or does not give you access to the event) you will receive a full refund of the price you paid for the ticket.

Unless this limitation of liability is otherwise precluded by law, The Ticket Merchant advises that the 100% guarantee will only cover price of the ticket purchased (plus any additional fees and charges levied at the time of purchase) and does not extend to any other incidental or otherwise unforeseeable costs that you may incur in addition to the price of the ticket, for example the cost or flights or accommodation in circumstances where you have chosen to purchase tickets to an event that is being held in a location other than where you generally reside.